Multi-lingual Website Design and Considerations

Looking for a Multi-lingual Website? We’ve got you covered.

If you are looking for Website Translation into various different languages, you have come to the right place. We work with our experienced translation partner to provide highest quality translation for your website content, blogs, marketing materials and more.

Things to take into consideration when translating your website:

What type of integration to use? For word press websites, there are various plug-ins you can use. The one we recommend is WPML as it provides a great translation management dashboard and is easy to integrate with interfaces of translation providers. The second option we recommend and also offer, which works for non-wordpress websites as well is translation via Proxy. This is easy, we use our software to pull you PO files, translate the text in various languages, and all we need to do to show the translations on your website is to copy and paste a short script into your header section.

How many languages? We can help you research your target market to see how many languages you need the translation in, however, you will also need to consider how your website will look in each language i.e. different characters, formatting from right to left and other issues, and if you content will be suitable for each target market or not. For some markets, it might be better to have a different design and content altogether.

Cost – high quality translation that will provide content that captures your audience’s attention won’t come cheap. Usually, a translation project would have at least 2 translators per language and one quality assurance person working to provide high quality translation. After the first draft of translation is done, the second translator will review and give feedback to the first translator to make any relevant changes. Once the changes have been made the quality assurance person will check everything again before delivering the translation to the client. As you can imagine, this is a costly process due to the amount of experts involves. This process is called TEP (Translation, Editing, Proofreading) in the translation world. We recommend this process for all of your most important content that will have high exposure, such as your main website content, company profile, company press releases, and marketing material.

However, for content that is not as important or will not have high exposure, or is written/created mainly for the purpose of SEO – we recommend MTPE process – this means your content will be translated by a machine translation engine and then reviewed and corrected by a human translator. This process provides good quality translation, and will save you money for large volume translations.

If you have any questions, or are interested in getting your website translated, please contact us!

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