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We are in the era of Globalization, these are exciting times for businesses as you can sell any product or service for anywhere to customers everywhere. However, English is still not widely spoken in many Asian, African, and European countries. Target your local market by translating your website and marketing content.

High quality website translation with integration options via Plugin (such as WPML for WordPress websites) or Proxy, including options to use MT and AI-assisted translations to increase delivery speed.

We offer 3 different services for Website translation, choose a services you prefer to read more, or speak to us to help you decide.

Human Translation

Suitable for Hotel Websites, High Value Customer Facing Content, Legal, and Medica information websites.

Translated by translators who are experienced in your industry. Transcreation for Hotel, Resorts, and Marketing content.


Read more about setting up the translation environment below.

A qualified and experienced translator translates the content. The translator runs quality assurance checks before completing the job. The translation is then reviewed by a second translator. The second translator check for accuracy, flow, and suitability of the translation for the target audience. Any feedback is sent to the translator with tracked changes to confirm. Once the translator finalizes the translation, the Project manager runs QA check before finalizing and uploading the translation on to the website, or sending it to the client to upload.

What is on-web translation review? As a part of the Human Translation services, we also include a review of the translation once it is live on your website to check if it is displaying correctly and fix any issues.

Benefits – high quality translation, that is suitable for your target market. This type of translation is most suitable for website with important information, and websites with marketing style text.

Machine Translation edited by our translators (MTPE)

Suitable for blogs ,easy to read not high value content.

We go through the content of the website and prepare resources for the machine translation such as creating a glossary of terms. Using one of the system options described below, we run the machine translation. Once the translation is ready, one of our experienced and qualified translators checks the translation and makes any corrections necessary. Once this is done, the Project Manager runs necessary QA checks including spelling checks, before uploading or delivering the translation.

We also offer on-web translation review at an additional cost.

Full Machine Translation, edit yourself

Suitable for client who have in-house speakers of those languages.

We go through the content of the website and prepare resources for the machine translation such as creating a glossary of terms. Ensure the Machine understands the context, then we run the translation and give access to our client’s staff to be able to edit the translation themselves, or send the translation to the client to review in their own environment.

System options

We offer various system options for our website translation projects.

  1. For wordpress websites: install a plug-in (preferably WPML), link the plug-in to our translation software.
  2. Proxy through our translation software.
  3. Implement yourself.

WPML + CAT, or Proxy, or Implement yourself (PO files, Word files, Excel files etc.)

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