Translation Services for non-profit organizations

We understand the importance of the role non-profit organizations play in supporting local communities, and as part of our CSR policy, we offer free or reduced-price translation services to non-profit organizations.

We have worked with non-profit organizations in the health and well-being sector and also in the community support sector. A couple of the organizations we recently provided our services to included Build of Birth, and SOS Ko Samui.

If you are looking to provide health and support related information to your clients or your local community in various languages – to increase accessibility – please contact us and we will be happy to help you either free of charge or at a reduced-price.

If you are looking for providers of other services who offer free of charge or reduced-price services for non-profit organizations, please see this article: IT Services for Non-profit Organizations

Why Choose Modus Language Services:

We are ISO 17100 (Translation Services) and ISO 18587 (Post-Editing of Machine Translation) certified.

We strictly follow the ISO 17100 standards for all of our translation jobs that meet the scope. Ensuring highest quality final delivery for our clients. Our translators are qualified and experienced in their relevant fields for expertise, and fluent in both of the languages they work with. We take great pride in providing high quality customer service and making the customer experience smooth and convenient for our clients, and our reviews are proof of this. We have over 100 five-star reviews on our Google Business profiles (including our 3 branches), and many happy returning customers.

On-time delivery and quality guarantee: we always deliver all jobs by the agreed deadline and offer continuous support to ensure our clients are happy with the delivered product.

More about Modus Language Services:

Modus Language Services Co., Ltd. provides professional translation services for all industries in over 50 languages. It currently has three branches in Thailand (Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Ko Samui) to offer services to local clients looking for certified translations, on everything from house registration to birth and marriage certificates. It offers B2B managed translation services to various businesses within Thailand and around the world.

Modus specializes in translation of Business to Government (B2G)/Government to Business (G2B) related content such as tenders, business plans, strategic management plans, and presentations. In addition, it provides high quality translations for the hospitality industry on a regular basis, such as translation of hotel websites, marketing material, press releases and social media posts. Modus manages and implements website translations for its clients to reduce the workload on their end. It has also done high-volume projects related to insurance claims and assessments, market research surveys, and training programs.

In order to offer a better solution for its clients who need high-volume data translated in a short period of time, Modus offers Machine Translation and AI assisted translation with human review. It leverages some of the best software and tools available to deliver highest quality output, followed by human review by qualified and experienced linguists. Modus places the utmost importance on delivering high quality translations while providing the best customer experience, and it values and ensures its customers’ confidentiality during the whole process.

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