English to Thai translation

Did you know that only about 27% of Thais speak English?

Considering the above fact, if you are planning to penetrate Thailand’s consumer market; getting your website, media, marketing material, and documents translated to Thai will certainly increase your reach.

At Modus we make sure we understand your English text clearly and have a consultation with you to understand your marketing strategy. This helps us to ensure that the Thai translation will reflect the original text and convey your message appropriately to the target audience.

Choose Modus for your English to Thai translation

Out translators have worked on English to Thai translations for companies such as H&M, Sea Life, TRW, Tahal, and many more. Our philosophy is to keep it Simple, be Reliable, and give our clients Effective results.

We provide English to Thai translation services for official documents as well. These documents include marriage certificates, ID cards, birth certificates, house registration, and any other document you might need translated for your visa application to stay in Thailand (or if you are Thai, then you visa application for a different country such as the UK).

Experience and Understanding

Our Thai and English language leader has over 14 years experience in translating and interpreting.

KA portrait

After completing high school studies in Chiang Mai, Karan moved to the UK to complete his Bachelor’s degree and find work experience. Having lived and worked in the UK for over 10 years, Karan has developed not just a good understanding of the language but also the culture and the businesses. Karan personally oversees each project to ensure the client’s needs are being met and messages delivered as they are meant to.

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