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Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) is a service that combines automated machine translation with human expertise to ensure accurate, high-quality translations. This process involves using AI algorithms to provide an initial translation, followed by skilled linguists who review, edit, and refine the text. By leveraging the best of both worlds, MTPE allows for faster, more cost-effective translations without compromising on quality.

AI Assisted Translation

AI-assisted translation services go a step further by incorporating advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to continuously improve translation quality. This technology can analyze context, detect nuances, and adapt to different language styles, resulting in more natural and accurate translations.

Custom Glossaries and TM

Customer-Specific Glossaries and Translation Memory: Ensuring Consistency and Efficiency

One of the key benefits of MTPE and AI-assisted translation services is the use of customer-specific glossaries and Translation Memory (TM). These tools ensure consistency in terminology and style, while also speeding up the translation process.

Customer-specific glossaries are tailored to your business, industry, or project, and contain a list of approved translations for specific terms and phrases. By incorporating these glossaries into the translation process, you can maintain a consistent brand voice and terminology across all languages.

Translation Memory, on the other hand, is a database that stores previously translated text segments. As new translations are completed, the TM is updated, allowing linguists to reuse translations for repetitive or similar content. This not only reduces turnaround time but also ensures consistency throughout your multilingual content.

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