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Mon - Fri: 9.00am - 5.00pm
CALL: +(66) 0943758148 , Email: admin@moduslanguageservices.com

Hotel Case Study

Hotel A Case Study

Hotel A approached us for support with translating their website content in to Arabic, Korean, and German languages. Upon the client’s request, one of our local representative went to meet their media management team to discuss their needs and any relevant background information. Services and rates were also agreed at this meeting.

The process

  • The allocated project manager scanned through the content.
  • Special terms identified and meanings were clarified.
  • A central glossary of terms created to promote consistency.
  • Work allocated to the translators.
  • Translated documents with the glossaries are sent to proofreaders.
  • Documents sent back to the translators for a review.
  • Work delivered to the client after the translators’ have completed their final review.
  • The client has the opportunity to review and request for any reasonable revisions within seven days.
  • In this case, some of our translators had direct conversations with the client’s local staff to understand how they wanted certain words to be spelled (in relation to pronunciation of certain words that could only be transliterated).
  • Revisions were made and the final file was delivered by the agreed deadline.


  • High quality personalised translation of our client’s websites in to three different languages.
  • The client is able to promote their business better in various countries.
  • A happy client who has returned to use our services various times since then.